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The Story

My mom and dad are my best friends. She sang me lullabies when I was young and could not sleep, he taught me how to fish; she was a shoulder to cry on, and on my wedding day, he walked me down the aisle. My parents are aging now and can’t quite do what they used to, plus they insist on staying home, in the home where they raised me. The home where photos of our family are scattered on the walls; photos that are cherished moments and a reminder of the love that fills this place.

Our home is not just a place; the walls reverberate with countless memories—times of compassion, love, happiness and joy, sadness and even heartbreak. Home wraps its arms around my parents and imbues them with a sense of who they are, where they have been, and their life yet to be lived. Home is family; home is independence and security; and home is their future.

I asked myself, “If Mom and Dad want to stay home, how can I help when I am not there?” So I called Partners Assisted Living Services and told them that I was concerned about my parents aging and living alone. The caring professionals at PALS agreed with my concerns and offered to meet with Mom and Dad and myself the very next day.

The PALS professionals came to my parents’ home and listened. They listened to me as I shared my fears and concerns about my mom and dad. The PALS staff listened to my parents talk about their fears of not being able to stay home and of losing their independence. And then we listened to the PALS professionals provide us with the solution.

We now partner with a team of PALS staff and caregivers dedicated to providing the compassionate care and support that my parents require so they can live safely and independently in their home. Mom and Dads’ caregiver drives them to their doctor’s appointments, takes them to the grocery store, helps my mom with her shower so she doesn’t fall, bakes homemade chocolate chip cookies using Mom’s secret recipe, and plays checkers with Dad when Mom falls asleep in her recliner.

My parents live well with PALS elder care services, and I have peace of mind knowing my parents are receiving the professional and compassionate care they need, when they need it. LiveWell! HomeCare.

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Locally Owned

Most every New Mexican child knows that you can’t catch a bluetail lizard by its tail and you better miss the goat heads when you’re riding your bike. Dust devils and tumble weeds, better watch out. There’s only one comfort food in New Mexico. The question is, “Red or green?” Blazing sunsets heralding the close of day. Rain or snow, wait five minutes, and the sun is sure to shine bright. New Mexico firma that offers up turquoise and silver crafted into beauty that adorns New Mexicans from head to toe.

PALS is New Mexico locally owned since 2002, and like the many weavings that depict the depths of our varied cultures, we are part of the tapestry that is New Mexico. PALS specializes in non-medical in-home care for seniors and others. PALS is committed to improving the lives of seniors and others by providing SafeKey WellCare elder care services which equip New Mexicans to LiveWell at home. Live Well. Home Care.


We affordable private pay* SafeKey WellCare services for as little as two hours on an as needed basis and up to 24 hours a day seven days a week. PALS even offers live-in SafeKey WellCare. PALS care services are designed to assist you with your everyday activities in the comfort and security of your home.

*May also be covered by long term care insurance

Who We Are

PALS professional office staff is dedicated to SafeKey WellCare so that PALS clients can LiveWell at home. (individual pictures of office staff with title) Every day our staff strives to improve the lives of PALS’ clients. That begins with a friendly and helpful “Good morning”, plus pro-active and compassionate client care coordination, personalized client scheduling and caregiver matching based upon your needs and preferences (caregiver selection form), continuing and specialized caregiver training, prompt and accurate billing, and 24/7 staff support. When the lights go off at the end of the work day, PALS professional staff wants to know that we made a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

We are San Juan County’s Non-Medical In-Home Care Specialists.

Givers of Care

PALS is client driven, which means you are in control of when the caregivers will visit you each week. We promise a professional caregiver will be knocking on your door the days and times you scheduled them to be there.

PALS’ professional caregivers have undergone criminal background and reference checks, as well as on-going driving record monitoring. PALS carries liability and workers’ compensation insurance, plus all PALS caregivers are bonded.

“Thank you, PALS, for sending Sally. She makes my mom feel safe.” PALS givers of care are committed to providing exceptional and compassionate care. Our caregivers have countless hours of training and experience and will be there with you so you can LiveWell at home. LiveWell! HomeCare.

SafeKey WellCare Services

SafeKey WellCare services engage the whole person: body, mind, and human spirit so that PALS’ clients can live safe, independent, and well in their homes. LiveWell! HomeCare.

  • Body – SafeKey WellCare activities are targeted towards helping the client maintain proficiency with Activities of Daily Living; bathing, toileting, transferring, continence, and eating. Also, SafeKey WellCare activities focus on Instrumental Activities of Daily Living; telephone use, shopping, budget management, adhering to medication regimens, cooking, laundry, and housekeeping.
  • Mind – SafeKey WellCare activities that help maintain and strengthen cognitive abilities. Activities such as conversation and companionship, games, hobbies, and being engaged in the community.
  • Human Spirit – SafeKey WellCare activities that are sensitive to the essence of the whole person. Activities that address and acknowledge emotions, fears, passions, intellect, spirituality, and creativity while equipping the client for the journey of aging.

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